If you’re freezing in your home it’s time to warm you up and rewind back to the start of summer and the unforgettable Sea Star Festival. Remember those glorious days under the sun, next to the crystal clear sea, epic moments with friends and a stellar lineup that kept you on your feet all the time! Guess what?! After its amazing debut, as well as regional and European awards, the Sea Star 2018 edition returns to Umag and its well known Stella Maris laguna from May 24-27. Pencil down that vacation in your calendar and you’ll be fast forwarding to the new summer adventures soon.

Before that, we’re taking you on a rollercoaster of great mouthwatering memories!

1. One word – Prodigy!

A tornado blew us away! One of the world’s biggest bands delivered pure energy and a historical performance. Prodigy are warriors and absolute stars, and their spectacular appearance made sure the first edition of Sea Star is an unforgettable one. Nuff said!

2. Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat.