We bring you another overview of the music news about the acts arriving at the fifth edition of the Sea Star Festival!

German producer and hitmaker Robin Schulz presents several remixes of his latest single; rapper Grše ranks highly in the Croatian YouTube Trending chart with his new video; Slovenian rap/R&B musician Masayah releases her debut album; Joker Out thrill audiences with their cover of the hit single “Flowers”, and Nika Turković voices the protagonist of a soon-to-be-released animated feature.

Robin Schulz: Remixes of latest single “Sweet Goodbye”

A few weeks ago, German hitmaker Robin Schulz released the new single “Sweet Goodbye”, the ultimate anthem for the upcoming endless summer nights spent on dance floors. Now it’s time to reintroduce ourselves to the song through a few remixes, including the one produced by SLVR.

Masayah: Debut album release

Slovenian rap/R&B artist Masayah published her first studio album just weeks before her upcoming performance at the Sea Star Festival. Entitled “Zavedno” (“Forever”), the release includes 13 songs.