After a season in which it officially became the second most attended Croatian music festival, Sea Star continues posting fantastic results in 2023. Just over two months before the event, almost two-thirds of the capacity has been sold out, and according to Entrio’s official top sales list, Sea Star is currently the best-selling event in Croatia!

In the finishing stages of international marketing campaign, which will only now reach its full strength, it is safe to assume that the numbers will be better than all the previous years, and maybe even those from record-setting premiere year of 2017. That first year was the model for creating the base of the line-up for this year’s jubilee, the 5th edition. Electro-punk giants The Prodigy were the #1 headliners of Sea Star in 2017, and in 2023 they return as part of the most requested world tour.

Sea Star fans will come to Umag from over 35 countries scattered across several continents. Aside from local fans, there are lots of people from Slove