Joker Out kicked off their major European tour, “See You Soon,” with two sold-out shows in Helsinki. The Finnish audience, not only privileged to be the first stop on the band’s new tour, received an unexpected gift – the premiere of two brand-new songs that sparked unprecedented excitement among fans! The impact was magnified by the fact that both songs are in Serbian, leaving most of the audience clueless about the lyrics. From May 23 to 26 at the Stella Maris Lagoon in Umag and from July 10 to 14 at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, the Sea Star and EXIT Festival audiences will have the chance to experience at least three new Joker Out songs live for the first time!

“In Helsinki, we debuted two unreleased tracks – ‘Šta bih ja’ and ‘Bluza.’ It goes without saying that the Finns don’t understand Serbian, but the reaction was as if we were playing our absolute biggest hits. We just looked at each other and laughed. Back at the hotel, we saw that the online reaction was just as overwhelming as at the concert. A group of our fans on JokerOut Subs even went ahead and translated both songs into English with accompanying videos. Fans on social media are urging us to release the tracks, but they’ll have to wait a bit longer as we plan to record them after the tour,“ the band excitedly stated.

In mid-February, Joker Out unve