The massive interest in Sea Star, the first major festival in Croatia after a two-year break, will bring tens of thousands of fans from more than 40 countries to Umag on May 27th and 28th, and the rush for tickets is followed by a huge demand for accommodation in and around the city. Through its EXIT Trip travel agency, the organising team has made an effort to provide additional accommodation units, which can be booked on the official Sea Star website. These units are also expected to sell out soon.

The launch of the Croatian and European festival season on the wings of strong headliners led by Iggy Azalea, Amelie Lens, Dubioza Kolektiv, Meduza, Senidah, Konstrakta, and Topic will also be a successful launch of the new tourist season here, given the vast number of guests announcing their arrival in Umag and Istria.


Apart from the fantastic summer atmosphere and performances by global superstars and leading regional acts, the main features of Sea Star include the excellent, diverse, and high-quality accommodation facilities of the Blue Lagoon, which make this probably the best festival on the Adriatic coast with prices starting as low as €11 per person.

The festival takes place in the beautiful, crystal-clear Stella Maris lagoon, with various forms of accommodation in its immediate vicinity, a maximum ten-minute walk along the sea. There are four types of accommodation: hotels, villas, apartments, and a camp.

When it comes to hotels and villas, there are Hotel Garden Istra Plava Laguna 4*, Residence Garden Istra Plava Laguna 4*, and Istrian Villas Plava Laguna 4*. Accommodation during Sea Star can also be found in the following apartments: Amfora Plava Laguna 4*, Katoro Plava Laguna 4*, Stella Plava Laguna 3* and Polynesia Plava Laguna 3*, while those looking for the full festival experience can find it at the recently renovated Sea Star CampCamping Stella Maris 4* and the Camping Stella Maris Mobile Homes 4* just 50 metres from the festival entrance. All accommodation can be booked from 25th to 30th May 2022, while booking details and more information about the units and facilities can be found on the official Sea Star website.

The fantastic accommodation and Umag’s top-notch public transport connectivity with surrounding cities, countries, and the rest of Europe make this beautiful Istrian town the perfect festival destination. You can find more info on Sea Star travel arrangements on the EXIT Trip website.

The Umag Stella Maris lagoon will host big musical acts on May 27th and 28th. These acts include one of today’s most sought-after hip-hop stars, Iggy Azalea, techno queen Amelie Lens, platinum hitmakers Meduza and Topic, leading regional performers such as Konstrakta, Senidah, Buč Kesidi, Umek, Vojko V, z++, Grše, Bore Balboa, Mimi Mercedez and great representatives of the electronic scene such as Insolate, Tijana T, Adiel, Brina Knauss, and many others.


Due to colossal audience interest from all over the region and Europe, the current festival ticket prices will be valid no later than end-of-day May 13th! Festival tickets are on sale at a promo price of HRK 279. The entire offer of tickets and accommodation can be found on the Tickets section of the festival’s official website.

All tickets and accommodation/transportation vouchers for Sea Star purchased so far at official points of sale are also valid for the 2022 edition of the festival.