Sea Star festival presents the Sea Star card, equipped with the modern contactless technology. By using the card for cashless payments you can pay for food, drinks and festival souvenirs. You can purchase your card at any festival register marked with TOP UP and put a certain amount of money on it. First payment deposit is 1,5 EUR, minimal first payment amount is 5 EUR, and the maximum amount is 500 EUR. Each subsequent payment is rounded to 1 EUR (for example, you cannot make a payment of 7.5 EUR).
After ordering your favorite food or drink, you can pay for it by simply placing the card against the card reader available at every bar. You can also use this to check the status of your card at any moment. Make sure that no one is paying at the moment you are checking your card status, as the amount could be taken off your card.

Funds from the card can be refunded in any remaining amount, and the refund must be done before leaving the festival or on Sunday, May 21st, until 6 PM at the location near the Electric Waves stage.