In cooperation with Drito, the largest regional club trap and hip-hop festival, Sea Star presents its second wave of stars, a mean line-up arriving to Stella Maris, whose hype dominates both regionally and globally! Arrival to “Drito in the Lagoon” was confirmed by the rapidly rising star IAMDDB, who was positioned by the mighty BBC Radio at the third place of the list of performers whose sound marked the year behind us! Her fusion trap-jazz bangers “Shade”, “Drippy” and “Kurr£ncy” today are a must-play at any good hip-hop and RnB parties.

One should never forget Vojko V, the most sought-after hip-hop performer in the region, who undoubtedly marked the previous year. After the previous summer when, he treated us to his performance with the rest of Dječaci, he is coming to Stella Maris lagoon as a solo act which turned the scene upside down last year. Aside from him, we’ll be listening to Krankšvester, a duo whose hits are a necessity for festival madness, as well as to the famous Novi Sad based trap guru Fox, whose hits easily reach millions of views on YouTube. This striking hip-hop line-up will be helped by a powerful team consisting of High5, Buntai, Smoke Mardeljano and Hazze, and all of them are sure to bring the lagoon to a boiling point! In a couple of days, we will be announcing another universally loved performer for the history books, whose performances go beyond madness! All this is brought to you by the greatest Sea Star so far, taking place in the Stella Maris lagoon on May 24 and 25, with another warm-up a day before, and a farewell party a day after!

Dubbed the British version of Migos, the Manchester-based rap musician and vocalist IAMDDB is one of the most exciting new music hopes! She defines her style as urban jazz, which, together with neo-soul and R&B, she combines with trap and hip-hop beats, creating in this way an extremely fresh, eclectic and authentic expression. Her real name is Diana De Brito, and she is influenced by her Portuguese and English roots, as well as by samba, Bob Marley, Nat King Cole and African bands that she loves to discover. She recorded her first song when she was only 11, and she made the final decision to start a career in music after her 6 months long trip to Angola with her father, when she performed at the national jazz festival, with the president himself in the audience! So far, she has published five studio projects, the last of which is “Swervvvvv.5”, out in only a couple of days. Her career is in a rapid rise ever since the first single “Leaned” and “Shade” which has more than 20 million YouTube views. Even though she is only 22, her vocal talents, as well as a great feel for the stage and an air of maturity, prove that nothing will stand in her way.

After the dissolution of the hip-hop trio Dječaci, Split based rapper and producer Vojko V saw the blossoming of his solo career, started already with the acclaimed album “Kuje i Laseri” and continued with his work in the Kiša metaka collective. With his solo album “Vojko” (2018) he reached all top charts last year, and he influenced the slang and general culture to become an absolute phenomenon among the wider audience. After a sold-out concert at Dom Sportova he has been playing gig after gig at clubs and festivals. Among his latest successes we can certainly mention six nominations for Porin award this year. Original, witty, with a fantastic sense for everyday life, Vojko quickly became the most sought after performer in the region, thanks to such hits as “Zovi čovika”, “Pasta Italiana”, “Ne može” and “Kako to”.

Venomous and insightful hip-hop duo Krankšvester is among the best caricaturists and satirists of the modern age in this area. They follow the international club trends with top-class production, while they are not afraid to use their lyrics to fight a number of social stereotypes and clichés, as well as political correctness, using vulgar lyricism as a tool to lower themselves to the level of those they make fun of. They describe their music primarily as fun, which can certainly be supported by their hit “Gaber” which is an unofficial party anthem of every self-respecting party. The duo consisting of Sett and 3ki Stil has so far published four studio albums, the last of which, “Krankšvester IV” (2017) had a spectacular promotion in the crowded Dom Sportova. Guests at Sea Star in the past two years, they will arrive to the Stella Maris lagoon for the third time to once again create a memorable show.

Novi Sad based trap guru FOX has been present on the scene for 15 years already. Still, the key year for him was 2013, when he cemented himself into the regional trap scene with the first Serbian classic trap song “Ceo Dan”, while “Sujetu Zaboravi” significantly helped develop the trap genre and earned him the title of a trap pioneer in Serbia. His album “Trap Guru Trap Boss” (2014) had a tectonic impact on the domestic hip-hop scene and brought him loads of YouTube views. He owes his eloquence regarding street experience to his philosophy studies. He has had performed all across Serbia and abroad, and he owns a successful clothing line TGTB. He collaborated with many big regional music names such as Rimski, Corona, Sajfer, Vuk Mob, Jala, Juice, Toni Der Assi, Rolex, KUKU$ and others. Thanks to his efforts in discovering young performers, he is sometimes called “white Gucci Mane”.

“Drito at Sea Star” in Stella Maris will be further spiced by the Zagreb based trap band Buntai, Serbian trap collective Hazze and the poster child of hard rap, Smoke Mardeljano. So far, the arrival to the Stella Maris lagoon was also confirmed by pearls of electronic music – revolutionary Sven Vath, charismatic Nina Kraviz and the rising star Ilario Alicante, as well as the full-blooded techno line-up consisting of Enrico Sangiuliano, Petar Dundov, DJ Jock, Lawrence Klein and Unique.

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