The mid-December festival tsunami that saw EXIT arrive with The Prodigy, Dubioza Kolektiv and Urban & 4 in tow is now joined by another great wave of electronic music world stars and regional heroes. The winner of Grammy, three BRIT and 10 MTV awards, legendary showman Fatboy Slim is returning to Stella Maris after exactly seven years from his last performance at the same location that is talked about to this day! Fatboy Slim comes to the Sea Star Festival as one the headliners of leading world festivals such as Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, and, of course, Exit. Headliner offer will be expanded by a great name of electronic music, in Germany and worldwide, Paul Kalkbrenner, known for stadium spectacles where he played in front of tens of thousands of people. One of his last performances became a part of history, when he played in front of half a million people at the ceremony marking 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, setting a new record that will be hard to break, even for the greatest bands of today. From London to Sea Star comes a widely recognized dubstep-rock band Modestep, performing fully LIVE for the first time in the region, and the furios quartet of new headliners will be finalized with the famous Australian bass-rock band Pendulum in their special DJ edition which is responsible for some of the greatest EXIT parties in the history of EXIT Festival. First peformers from the group of regional most wanted that have been confirmed are Elemental, Bad Copy, Brkovi, Artan Lili, Jonathan, High5 & Kukus, Kiša metaka, Krankšvester, Matter and Sassja!

New wave of performers for the first Sea Star:

Fatboy Slim had his first gig in Croatia on May 28th, 2010 in the sold out Stella Maris, and the next one will finish on May 28th, 2017, at the exactly same location and even more people in the audience! The seventh anniversary will be sold out with his ultimate slogan “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat”, and many other hits such as “The Rockafeller Skank”, “Right Here, Right Now” and many others. His music has permeated all the pores of pop culture, and after a three-decade career, Norman Cook is still a headliner at the greatest festivals and attracts audiences from the EDM specter as well as the fans of underground festivals, such as last year’s Sonar or this year’s Melt! True charisma and endless, superpositive energy could have been seen in the special edition of Boiler Room, where else but at his native Brighton Beach, the location where he once performed in front of a quarter million fans, setting the eternal record for a beach party!

Paul Kalkbrenner, the Berliner, is beloved by fans because he remained an incredibly positive guy, with both feet on the ground, even after seven albums and over two million Facebook fans! His great hit, “Sky & Sand”, held the first position on German top lists for the record-breaking 129 weeks, and the film “Berlin Calling”, where he is the main character, was shown in the Berlin Central cinema for an unprecedented 145 weeks! Two years ago he signed a contract with Sony and gained access to their immense catalogue. First sample was “White rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, while his remix of “You Want It Darker” from Leonard Cohen’s last album got highest marks from rock critics. Many of his colleagues get vertigo when you mention his incredible feats such as 125,000 sold tickets, and the federal government of Germany invited him to perform in 2014 at Brandenburg gates, as part of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Kalkbrenner’s performance that day gathered half a million people, setting the record for electronic music that will remain untouchable for even the greatest bands of today. Fans, prepare football shirts for him, because he loves those!

Fantastic British trio, Modestep, conquered the world with their performances, combining dubstep with drum’n’bass, rock and grime. The “London Road” album from 2015 marks one of the most important bass albums in UK in the last few years. They are bringing a frenetic live performance to Umag, which saw them tour the greatest festival stages, from Coachella, Glastonbury and Rock Am Ring to, of course, EXIT Main Stage, conquered last July. Electronic warriors, Pendulum, grabbed the world by expanding genre borders, from drum’n’bass over pumping house to electro rock! Band members put Pendulum on pause in 2013 in order to dedicated themselves to new projects, Knife Party being one of them, however, constant fan queries resulted in a return album and tour in 2017! They are coming to Sea Star in their furious DJ format, an ideal choice for Umag festival, the only real way to experience the overflow of energy seen at two EXIT festivals, comparable only to The Prodigy’s performances at EXIT events. It is no wonder that these Australians are the ones behind the best known Prodigy remix, the one for “Voodoo People” from 2005!

The second largest festival stage, the impressive Nautilus Arena, located inside the central ATP stadium, will bring the most exciting new and some of the experienced names in t