After three fantastic editions enjoyed by more than 120,000 visitors, the Sea Star Festival is preparing the most spectacular start of the summer season so far for 2020! On May 22 and 23, the magical Stella Maris lagoon will be the first stop of the big, months-long celebration of the 20th anniversary of Exit Festival, which is why great interest has already been generated for the sister festival in Umag.

The first musical wave of performers is led by the powerful Meduza hit trio, one of the Grammy Awards favorites, whose hit-track, “Piece of Your Heart”, numbers over 600 million streams, with platinum certificates which led the mysterious Italian producers to the very tops of the American and British charts!

With those global hit makers, we will also listen to one of the most popular bands in the region, the globally popular Dubioza Kolektiv, who, after the new single featuring the famous Manu Chao, exhilarated people in concerts all around the regions, confirming that they are currently at the peak of their careers!

The first group of performers also features Split based hip-hop genius Vojko V, hit trio KUKU$ from Zagreb, as well as the currently most intriguing trap sensation from Osijek, Z++!

This is only the first in a series of music waves brought to the Istrian coast by the strongest Sea Star edition so far, the edition of the festival which has again got nominated for the Best Medium-Sized Festival at the European Festival Awards. First tickets for the best promo price with a 40% discount, for 39 EUR + b/f, will start selling on Tuesday, 12/12, at noon sharp, and purchase of the tickets will be available at the festival’s official website, here.

The producer trio Meduza, the owners of the currently most popular club hit, “Piece of Your Heart”, and nominated for the Best Dance Recording at the upcoming Grammy Awards, are coming to Addiko Tesla Stage of the Sea Star Festival. Their undeniable talent has been confirmed by the nomination for the 2020 Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and the fact that they also reached the top of the American dance hits list and the impressive second place of the general British single list with one of the biggest dance hits of 2019.

The song was named an anthem of the famous BBC 1 Radio, and with over 600 million streams, it broke platinum in Great Britain, Australia and a number of other countries. These Italians and their magic touch are currently on the new campaign bound for top lists with their new hit song, “Lose Control”! Their specific sound has been dubbed “Meduza sound” by fans of electronic music around the world, and their performance at the Sea Star Festival will be their first in the region as well.

Straight from the region comes a very successful music sensation, with dozens of performances at the greatest festivals of the world, the well known and unique, Dubioza Kolektiv! With the same attitude as in the beginning of their career, their army of fans has grown to a presence on several continents. For the past few months, they have proven their untouchable status of the most popular band of the region, easily filling up the Arena in Pula and Dom Sportova in Zagreb, and in February they will be greeted by a great series of concerts in Great Britain. By the end of January their discography will grow by one more album, #fakenews, with the already announced duet with the legendary Manu Chao, called “Cross the Line”.

Still the most wanted man of the region, Vojko V finds inspiration in real events and personal experiences, and his greatest talent is transforming the things he notices into a hip-hop form spiced up with recognizable venomous humor. He has succeeded in grabbing the attention of a wide range of audiences with incredible ease, and he is respected and fascinates both older and younger audiences, especially after the success of megahits such as “Ne može” and “Kako to”, through which he has affected slang as well. From the record 6 nominations for Porin, he won 3 categories: Album of the Year, Best Club Album, and Best Music Video for the song “Ne može”, directed by Rino Barbir. The sequel has already been announced by “Moja Lipa”, a song that much like all the others by Vojko Vrućina, is on its way to becoming a true phenomenon.

Another hit-trio is arriving to Sea Star next May, and this time these are the current leaders of the new trap scene of Zagreb, KUKU$! Experimenting with styles launched them into top performers of hip-hop in this region, and they have prepared some of their regional bangers, “Oće k***c”, “Bode Miler”, “Roxtar”, “Šinteri”, “Napravit ću scenu” and many others.

From the same wavelength, from Osijek, arrives Z++, member of the Retfatlanta collective, with his 18++ album. His daring take on the turbo folk song “Crno i zlatno” signifies a new direction for trap, and the regional audience have already got hooked. This trap experimenter skillfully dissects and reattaches various genres to his music, such as r’n’b, funk, groove and psychedelia, and the still mysterious Z++ is considered the next big thing.

The fourth edition of the Sea Star Festival will be held in the irresistible Stella Maris lagoon in Umag, on May 22 and 23, and alongside the two main days, the introductory “Welcome Party” on May 21, and “Closing Party” on May 24, have been announced.

Accommodation are already open and the full offer and prices can be found here.