With its five editions from 2017 to 2023, EXIT’s Sea Star Festival in Umag has contributed €33.7 million in direct economic benefits to the Croatian economy. A study by Hotelis, a consultancy specializing in tourism and hospitality, points out that the achievement is all the more significant given the fact that Sea Star is the only major music festival in Croatia taking place outside of the tourist season. Across these five editions, the total promotional value of the festival and its focus on advertising Umag, Istria, and the Croatian coast across both domestic and foreign markets amounted to €33.7 million. These figures further solidify the accolade Sea Star received from HDS ZAMP, marking it the second most-visited Croatian music festival for two consecutive years.

The analysis highlights the evolution of music festivals from niche gatherings to mainstream cultural phenomena, attracting a diverse audience from around the globe. While Croatia is renowned for its many festivals, Sea Star stands out not only f