My summer will start at Sea Star.“ These are the words Ana Đurić Konstrakta, Eurovision sensation and currently the leading act in the region used to announce her performance at the festival in Umag on May 27th and 28th. With this confirmation, the first major Croatian festival after two years, Umag’s Sea Star, rounded off its programme, setting an absolute sales record! Apart from Konstrakta, some of the world’s leading and regional stars will arrive at the Stella Maris Lagoon, including Iggy Azalea, Amelie Lens, Dubioza Kolektiv, Meduza, Topic, Senidah and many others. After the first sales phase, as much as 2/3 of the festival’s capacity has been looted, with demand exceeding the first year when 50,000 visitors passed through the gates! Sea Star tickets have been sold in more than 35 countries worldwide, primarily in the region, Italy, and many European countries, but also the US, Australia, and Japan, for another unprecedented success.

We’re proud to be able to realise all our festivals in 2022, and that demand for them is extremely high. Here, I have to emphasise Sea Star because it took a two-year break, during which it seemed to be gathering strength for an absolute triumph. The festival in Umag has a special place in the Exit festival family, starting the summer festival season in Europe, and we cannot wait to gather in our lagoon again. About a month and a half before the gates open, we can see how much people missed it, but I also know that we have a great ‘pole position’ for the new festival summer. Just as EXIT was the first big festival in the world last summer, and the energy at the Fortress was the strongest so far, Sea Star will exceed all expectations as the first big Croatian festival, and this edition will be talked about for a long, long time” – said Sanjin Đukić, member of the Board of Directors of the Exit Festival organisation.

There are several reasons for the huge hype, judging by the audience’s reaction. Sea Star will be the first major event in Croatia after the pandemic outbreak, the first opportunity for people to gather en masse in one place in a year in which the return of music festivals and concerts is predicted globally. Furthermore, Sea Star is organised by the team at Exit, the most famous and most prestigious festival in the area, which hosted a big celebration of its 20th anniversary in front of more than 180,000 international visitors last summer in Novi Sad.

Sea Star also managed to bring together a fantastic line-up comprising international and regional stars led by hip hop superstar Iggy Azalea, techno queen Amelie Lens, platinum hitmakers Meduza and Topic, leading regional artists such as Dubioza Kolektiv, Konstrakta, Senidah, Buč Kesidi, Umek, Vojko V, z++, Grše, Bore Balboa, Mimi Mercedes and great electronic acts such as Insolate, Tijana T, Adiel and Brina Knauss, as well as many others. The festival will present more than 35 performers on several stages, keeping pace with global music trends.

Finally, the location is another excellent trump card of Sea Star, not only the Stella Maris lagoon, where the programme will take place just meters away from the sea, but the city of Umag and the entire Istria. The festival also boasts the best accommodation facilities found at any festival in this region. The camp, hotels, apartments, and villas are only a few minutes away from the festival area.

You can find the complete selection of tickets and accommodation in the Tickets section of the festival’s official website.

All tickets and accommodation/transportation vouchers for Sea Star purchased thus far at official points of sale are also valid for the 2022 edition.