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Cypress Hill

Credited for hits Insane In The Brain, Tequila Sunrise, Rock/Rap Superstar, Hits From The Bong and I Ain’t Goin ‘Out Like That, Cypress Hill has strongly influenced the global hip- hop scene, and with their outside-the-box thinking have promoted bilingualism since their first album. These visionaries are musical role models to all the great hip-hop and rap groups that came after them.

Cypress Hill left a mark on music history as the originators of the West Coast hip-hop sound, but also as the musical prophets who announced the present day, global rise of Latin rap, three decades ago. Their first single How I Could Just Kill A Man was the epitome of hardcore gangsta rap that opened the door to an array of icons such as 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and others. The eccentric sound and unusual sample selection also inspired a new, different hip-hop wave in the East that would be made famous by the Wu-Tang Clan just a few years later. And so, Cypress Hill has prophetically set the foundations for the hip-hop sound of the ’90s, simultaneously affecting a crossover that blended rock and metal with urban ghetto sounds which mixed races, cultures and influences, making their sound a universal one.

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